Welcome to Village Outdoor Shop

The mast head above is the range profile of Hanging Rock State Park on the left, Sauratown Mountain in the center and Pilot Mountain State Park on the right. Photo credit: Chris Almerini. You may view his portfolio at chrisalmerini.com.

Village Outdoor ceased operation of a physical location on June 30, 2017 after 12 years of running a technical, locally-owned, hometown gear shop. We were blessed to always realize a profit- never taking out loans or credit card debt to keep things afloat. It wasn’t always easy, but we built relationships with amazing people and that carried us through. After 28 years it is time to move into a new career field for Don.

Glenna is keeping a carefully selected group of true specialty brands as an ongoing concern. Montbell, Hilleberg, Kelly Kettle, and ExPed all do business the old-fashioned way: full service/retail pricing with no discounted direct-to-consumer marketing which would undercut their dealers and erode the market place.

We have toyed with the idea of “food truck meets outdoor store”. At some point you may see a pickup truck with a tag along VOS trailer coming to a festival near you. In the mean time we are available to speak to outdoor groups as our schedule allows.

Don & Glenna Wright