Welcome to Village Outdoor Shop

We invite you to visit our new location at 3456 Robinhood Road near the intersection of Peacehaven Road and Robinhood Road.

Our move has been well-received. Many new customers are finding us and our core customers are finding visits to be much easier and more frequent.

The porch in the back of the shop is now finished. Caleb and his Grandpa Owen did a super job framing the windows and doors, placing the rafters, adding an old tin roof and installing lap board siding from Uncle Dan and Aunt Belinda’s house. The porch dates back about 100 years and was previously a shed on the property where Glenna grew up.

There are several other noteworthy relics on display: my childhood hero Andy Moore gave his old cotton Scout uniform to the cause. John Arfmann’s 1952 Philmont neckerchief and slide are proudly displayed and Ed Warren’s former Wahissa Lodge (BSA Order of the Arrow) license plate gets many inquiries. Some visitors will recognize Challie Minton’s old Vasque boots or Mac McCormick’s Galibier mountaineering boots. Jim Scott loaned a pair of EB climbing shoes (never worn- size 42 is still visible on the soles!) that he bought from CB Tatum’s old shop (Tatum Outfitters pin included).

We plan to add to the relics on display. Conversations about these items are always fun. Come check them out next time you are in the neighborhood.


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